Thursday, 23 January 2014

Individual 'units' are finding new sites

The work 'Brimming' is a site-specific installation. It was made in response to the bookcase in the gallery and is made to fit the exact size of that particular bookcase.

As I said at the 'in conversation' event, I do not want to rehouse the whole installation in another pre-existing bookcase, and I do not want to manufacture a new bookcase in which this collection of casts could be housed. I think that this work as a whole exists in that one bookcase at 1 Royal Terrace, and moving it into another site changes the work.

I feel that in order for the work to live on, the various elements (casts) can be dispersed and seen individually as units, and therefore I have chosen to sell them as units.

I am charging £150 - £200 per unit, depending on size etc.

If you are interested or have any questions, please do get in touch.

My email address is helen.shaddock(at)

If you would like to see them individually, I am more than happy to arrange a viewing.

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