Tuesday, 6 March 2018

BITTER/SWEET Install Day 1

I left snowy Newcastle this morning and made my way by train down to Leeds where I was met at the station by Liam McCabe, the co-curator of BITTER/SWEET, the forthcoming group exhibition at Assembly House that I am exhibiting in (see http://helenshaddock.blogspot.co.uk/2018/03/invitation-to-bittersweet-exhibition.html for more details).

We then caught the train to Burley Park and walked to Assembly House near Armley Mills. 

After a quick tour of the open plan studios we began to set up in the gallery space. Our first task was to project the design of the wall painting onto the wall to be painted. 

The wall that I am using is over 8 metres long, and unfortunately the projector could not get far enough away from the wall to be able to fit all the design on the wall, so we had to split it in half and ensure that they joined up correctly.

We met our first problem when we switched on the projector and it would not connect to the computer. After a lot of fiddling, Liam decided that the only option was for him to go back to his house and pick up some alternative cables. Thankfully the replacement cables did the trick and we began to mask out the design on the wall.

The rest of the day was spent painting and trying to keep relatively warm by working in close proximity to the heater!

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