Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Reading for _______ at The NewBridge Project

On Monday evening I attended Reading for _______ , a Practice Make Practice event at The NewBridge Project. It was programmed with Nathaniel Whitfield, who is currently undertaking Practice Makes Practice – A Social Residency at The NewBridge Project.

“The purpose of Art” James Baldwin wrote “is to lay bare the questions that have been hidden by the answers”.

"With the aim of provoking discussion, engagement and even disagreement with each other, we hope this space will shed light and provide us with new ways of seeing and articulating ideas."

This was the first of what is intended to be a series of sessions "where we can come together to share each other’s ideas through the texts we are reading individually."

The sessions take the following format:

  • A group member brings to the session a text / essay / book / podcast / film that they are currently engaging with 
  • The group member briefly presents to the group the reasons they are reading / listening / watching them and how they are finding them
  • The group reads from / listens to / watches some selected sections of the item to be discussed
  • The group has a discussion, shares ideas and opinions and makes suggestions of other sources that are related and could be of interest
"In listening to one another we are able to engage in a process of unlearning which opens up a space for re-articulation and re-materialization of ideas. We are 'undone' by one another, as Judith Butler would say."

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