Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Exploring the East Elrington area

As mentioned in a previous post, Melinda McGarry and I are creating work to be exhibited in her barn on the outskirts of Hexham.

We are keen to make work that relates to the site, whether that be the barn itself or the local area. 

With that in mind, we set off to explore the area around the barn.

I am fascinated by some of the farming equipment.

Melinda spoke of the activities that happen on her neighbours farm, and I am keen to film some of these.

She also told me about some of her conversations with the local game keeper, and I am intending on interviewing him. He mentioned that the farming tradition is gradually being lost and that there is a lot of history and knowledge of the local area that will be forgotten in a few generations. I would like to recerd some of that history.

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