Sunday, 20 August 2017

ArtHouses 2017

Two summer evenings on a street in Whitley Bay. The homes, gardens and public spaces of Victoria Avenue become the venue for contemporary visual art, hosted by the householders, and open to all. 

Luke McCreadie

ArtHouses is an event that brings the diversity of visual arts practice into people’s homes and offers artists a unique situation through which to explore the possibilities of working within the street. This year householders selected the works alongside the ArtHouses team. ArtHouses continues to create the possibility of generating new encounters with artworks and opportunities to explore new ways of working in contexts outside of a gallery.

David Foggo

Exhibiting in homes offers something different to a gallery experience, and I feel that the most successful work does not try to hide the fact that the work is displayed in a house. After all, it will never be a white cube, and to try to make it look like one is to bypass the alternative possibilities that the context can bring.

This year ArtHouses presented work by Totaller, Sneha Solanki, Neuschloss, Robert Laycock, Matthew Pickering, Matterlurgy, Luke McCreadie, John Quinn, Holly Argent, Graham Patterson & Sophie Foster, Gayle Meikle & Ross Hamilton Frew, David Foggo, Catrin Huber, Cathy Garner, Carol Lynn and Becky Woodhouse. 

Knit and Natter Group
Pompoms, crocheting, bunting and bollard covers were created by the Knit and Natter group and other participants at the Big Local Shop.

Gayle Meikle and Ross Hamilton Frew
Congratulations to the ArtHouses team (Tracey Tofield, Sophie Buxton, Rob Smith and Lois Hobby) for creating another wonderful event.

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