Friday, 9 June 2017

Artists' Moving Image: Insights into Production & Exhibition

Northern Film & Media is the North East's creative agency, nurturing talent, supporting media businesses and driving commercial film and television production within the region.

They regularly arrange events to enable practitioners to gain critical information on the latest commercial and creative trends, and to connect with industry leading experts and commissioners.

I attended the Artists' Moving Image: Insights into Production & Exhibition event in which Marie Logie (Auguste Orts) and Peter Taylor (Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival) shared some of their invaluable insights about producing and exhibiting artists’ moving image.

Marie discussed the history and approach of Brussels-based moving image production and distribution platform Auguste Orts, where she is currently Director.

She explained that, when in an artist moving image context, the role of a producer includes
  • seeing the project through from start to finish 
  • writing contracts 
  • arranging legal aspects 
  • organising insurance 
  • co-managing the budget 
  • organising fundraising 
  • finding locations
  • working on post production
  • planning distribution

Peter talked about his approach to film festival programming, drawing on his experiences as Director at Berwick as well as at Rotterdam International Film Festival.

It was interesting to hear him discuss how changes in technology have impacted on his role. For example, now that submissions are often done via vimeo, he doesn't need to physically move as much as there is no need to handle DVD cases, transfer DVDs into players and so on. He commented that vimeo helps judges share their own opinions with each other as they can each make comments about a submission in a way that the other panel members are able to view.

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