Sunday, 23 April 2017

Banff Spoken Word Residency - Day 7

Sunday, April 23

Trip to Lake Louise
Individual Studio time

The Community Services department at the Banff Centre had arranged an optional bus trip to Lake Louise, and so a group of us took the opportunity to visit somewhere outside of Banff.

We were dropped off at the Lake and then had a few hours to spend at Lake Louise before heading back to the Banff Centre for the Arts and Creativity. 

The lake was completely frozen and people were able to walk over it. Lake Louise is dominated by the huge Fairmont hotel, so Isabel, Bea and I decided to escape from the busyness and touristic nature of the hotel area, and hike up to a viewpoint overlooking the lake. 

The snow was really deep and few people had ventured on the beaten track that we took uphill, so it really did seem that we were out in the wilderness. 

The group split, with half staying at the hotel for the afternoon and the other half (including me) returning to Banff to crack on with our work. Danielle kindly drove us back. It was good to get some solid time in my studio to work on my writing.

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