Monday, 16 May 2016

Kielder OFFSITE exhibition install

These images show the progression of our work for the Kielder OFFSITE exhibition in the X Libris Gallery.

After masking out the basic shapes of the design, we began to use the tape to block in areas

We had tested the high-vis paint on a bit of wood. Initially it did not look very fluorescent, but once it had dried, it became much more vibrant and like we had imagined.

We hoped that this would be the same for when we used it to paint sections of the wall.

We were surprised and disappointed that the paint was so dark, dull and patchy. We left it to dry, hoping that this would change how it appeared.

We also tried painting a smaller section in the same paint, but this time used a roller to apply it rather than a brush.

Unfortunately it did not make any difference, and the paint was not as we had hoped.

We therefore changed our design and covered the paint with blocked areas of tape.

Tidying up the edges and removing some of the grubby marks from the wall were the finishing touches before the preview of the exhibition that evening.


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