Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Drone ensemble

Last night at Drone Ensemble we set out the full range of scaffolding tubular instruments starting with  the instrument producing the lowest note and ending with the instrument that produces the highest note.

We had to fix a few handles and sort out some that were not playing very well e.g. applying rosin to alter the friction between wheel and pad.

We also used one of the friction drums, a Hurdy Gurdy and some pipes.

We kept it very simple, starting quietly with the scaffolding tubular instruments, introducing the occasional pipe, and then involving the Hurdy Gurdy and friction drum.

We all agreed that this basic arrangement sounded good, and that we could have a number of 20 minute sections that each used a limited range of equipment.

Joe then demonstrated the effects of vibrating speakers - definitely something to be explored further.

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