Sunday, 22 February 2015

SNIPPET introduces... Mirela Bistran

Mirela Bistran
My practice is fed by the way I perceive the world around me, my beliefs, memories and feelings. Together they make up my life journey, the sense of belonging, of identity, of feeling at home with myself.
I have a particular interest in finding the right balance between free, gestural brushwork, sometimes unplanned, and the fine, delicate and intricate work of precision. The colours play a very important role; they almost have their own story. And by that, I mean that they always express feelings, very often in a narrative way.
A major part of my art is owed much to chance, the subconscious and to dream imagery. I would make rapid sketches directed by instinct and intuition using inks and pencils on paper. Very often these sketches are the beginning of a journey of emotions and feelings expressed through lines and marks that come to life following each other. Sometimes playful, sometimes shy or bold and other times solemn and melancholic, they take on a personality of their own.
The imagination dictates the tools I work with. At times they are embodied in fabrics, buttons, scissors and threads. Most of the fabrics I use are dear to me, they retain memories. The process is the same. It starts like a spontaneous game and evolves into a passage of structured layers interacting with each other.
At intervals I use cardboard, wood, recycled materials to build objects

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