Saturday, 7 February 2015

It's all part of the process

As I was waiting for one of my layers of plaster to set, I had a much needed sort out of the space under the table in the casting workshop where I have been storing all my moulds and materials for the past few months.

I dismantled all of my old moulds, and began to sort out the moulds that were suitable for re-using, and those that were destined for the skip. 

As I glanced at the two piles of melamine boards stacked on top of each other, I was attracted to the traces of coloured plaster that remained on the sides of the sheets. The trace of the form that was contained within the mould is present on the edges of the mould.

Such unexpected discoveries are exciting and rather than throwing the moulds into the skip, I have now gathered them together and will be exploring ways that I can use these remnants in an installation.

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