Thursday, 21 August 2014

Wednesday 20th August at Dumfries House

This morning Charlotte Rostek, Curator at Dumfries House visited me in my studio to see what I have been working on and help choose the work for donating to the Dumfries House collection.

She thought that the series of 5 collage drawings that I made after admiring the Chippendale catalogue would be a good addition to the collection, and I agreed to donate these. I now need to spend some time thinking about titling the work, and deciding upon the sequence of the drawings.

At the moment, all but one of the drawings has the image facing in the same direction, but I wanted to test whether it would make a difference if they all faced the same way, hence why I made another.

Chippendale's use of curves in his furniture is exquisite, and I found different examples of where he has used spiral forms in his designs.

This prompted me to do a spiral drawing on another envelope, drawing the spiral within the pattern of the envelope.

This drawing was very controlled and neat, so in order to become a bit more unpredictable I dipped the drawing in water so that the ink dispersed.

Thomas Chippendale's catalogue titled 'The Gentleman & Cabinet- Maker's Director' has been an excellent resource. The next drawing was a response to the diagrams showing 'The General Proportions of the different Orders'.

I used a variety of envelope samples and drawn elements.

The rationale behind the next drawing was to investigate further the envelope as a pre exisitng space in its own right. I'm thinking about the framing of things and how some of the frames within the House were built into the wall, and therefore the artwork produced to fill these frames needed to be made to a specific size to fit.

I drew onto the envelope with a design that was intended to frame the address window in the envelope.

I have been producing different fret drawings on postcards, with the intention of them all fitting together to build a larger composition.

Tomorrow I will complete the final corner of the frame.

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