Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Tuesday 19th August at Dumfries House

This morning, in an attempt to 'free up' my drawings, I played around with dipping paper in various concentrations of blue ink, then leaving to dry before working on top of it.

When I visited the Walled Garden yesterday I saw that one of the patches was in the shape of a union Jack, and I thought this would be a pertinent icon to use given the situation with the referendum.

I had considered working further with this, but decided that this is not the direction i wish to take with this work.

After a walk along the river and some observational drawing in the Rothesay Garden, I returned to my (now dry) blue paper postcards and drew various patterns taken from the house onto them.

Ive been thinking about how to take the drawings to another level, so made these so that they can be put together to form a larger piece.

When displayed on mass like this, it makes me think of the elaborate picture frames in the house.

In the drawing above, I took side views from some of the Chippendale furniture and then drew these onto the envelope, following the pattern on the envelope.

These were more cross sections of Chippendale furniture that I drew onto the patter of the envelope.

 As one can see, the success of the drawing depends partly on the type of lines used in the drawing.

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