Friday, 2 November 2018

Spoken word and performance workshop at Newcastle University

Over the past couple of days I have been facilitating a Spoken Word and Performance workshop with students at Newcastle University who have an interest in transforming written text based work into spoken word performance. The workshop will continue next Friday and will result in a small group exhibition of work made by the students during the 3-day workshop. 

I developed the workshop having returned from the Spoken Word Residency at Banff Centre for the Arts, Canada last year, and use the workshop as an opportunity to share some of the techniques, skills and tips learned while on the residency.

Following the success of the workshop last year and the demand from students, Newcastle University invited me back to work with a different group of students.

During the session yesterday I showed the group some examples of artists that use spoken word / text / performance. As I was compiling the list to share with them I thought it would be useful to share it more widely, so here are the links to some works that I mentioned. Please be aware that this list is only mean to be a taster and in no way does it cover all artists working in these ways. It is simply a starting point!

ZENSHIP - Mundo Gumbo - Tanya Evanson

This is an example of how a live band can be used in spoken word performance.

Afua Cooper at VERSEfest

This demonstrates that a convincing performance can be given even if the performer is using written notes.

Martin Creed - Words and Music

This is an example of the combination of words, music, visuals (on the screen behind) and how the means of delivery can echo the content of the work.

Blonk performs Ursonate with real-time typography

This is an example of how subtitles can add to a work.

Samuel Beckett - Not I

This is an example of how spoken word can exist in a video and how cropping of an image alters the reading of the work.

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