Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Lyres of Lemniscate - Drone Ensemble Workshop

On the final day of our Lyres of Lemniscate exhibition, Drone Ensemble lead a workshop in which we taught participants how to make an instrument. The workshop participants joined Drone Ensemble for the final performance of the exhibition. Workshop participants played their new instruments along with a range of the other Drone Ensemble instruments.

Joe began the workshop by demonstrating some fundamental principles of sound and explained how the different instruments work.

We then showed the group an example of the instrument that they were going to make, and took them through the different stages of creation.

Bending the metal.

We then showed the participants some of the other instruments that they could play in the performance.

After the demonstrations, participants got stuck into making their own instruments and tested out the instruments they would be playing in the performance.

Drone Ensemble would like to thank all the workshop participants for their enthusiasm, hard work and for making such a terrific contribution to the final performance. We hope that you enjoyed it!

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