Friday, 8 June 2018

Sneak peek at Which Way North

On Thursday I met one of the Project Managers working on the Which Way North exhibition that is being installed at The Great North Museum: Hancock to discuss some of the practicalities of installing my artwork. I was excited to get a sneak peek at the exhibition during the install process. There is a heavy security presence guarding the amazing range of objects and artworks that are going to be included in the exhibition, and I felt rather privileged to be allowed into the gallery. 

I was taken to the case that my work is going to be mounted in, and we sorted out the best way to hang the work. We had to change the plans for the way that the work would be mounted, so I headed off to the studio to collect one of the test pieces and returned to the gallery with magnets and washers. We tested whether this combination would be an effective solution, and were all relieved to find that it would work without damaging the artwork. The Lighting Technician is going to adjust the lighting of the case so the work can be seen in the way that I intend.

I'm going back on Monday to install the work proper, and am looking forward to seeing it in place.

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