Friday, 17 November 2017

Drawing Close – Voynich Series exhibition by Sabina Sallis at The Customs House, South Shields

Sabina Sallis has a multifaceted approach to arts provision- as a researching, collaborating and exhibiting artist and as a curator. Sabina uses drawing, video, performance, sculpture and narrative in a multimedia transdisciplinary approach that interweaves fact and fiction.

The Drawing Close – Voynich Series exhibition at The Customs House is an expansion and an iteration of new and previous works that use drawing and the Voynich Manuscript as a particular method for creating visionary alternatives.

The Voynich Manuscript is a medieval illustrated codex that has been written in an unknown language and is an object of continuous research and multiple hypotheses. In Sabina’s work The Voynich Manuscript and the process of drawing is used as an opening to the possibilities of alternative ways of thinking, and alternative states of being with the world.

As well as attempting to decipher and imaginatively interpret the Voynich Manuscript, Drawing Close – Voynich Series also attempts to bring forward knowledge and thoughts that are enmeshed with life processes and invites the audience to decipher their own meaning.

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