Thursday, 26 May 2016

TRIGGER preparatory install

Today was a big day in terms of our artwork Trigger. We drove up to Kielder Forest and Water Park where we had access to the Art and Architecture studio for the day and were going to prepare the structure ready for installation. 

The Forestry Commission had kindly delivered the timber from Kielder that we requested to use for the posts for our structure.

Our first task was to attach the jubilee clips to the box in which the equipment will be housed. The jubilee clips will hold the posts in place and attached to the outside of the box.

With only 3 pairs of hands, 4 posts at over 4metres long, and a set of ladders that were slightly too small for our needs, erecting the structure fully was rather challenging and took many attempts.

On the patch of land outside the studio, we measured out the distance between the poles at the base of the structure and dug 4 holes in the ground in which our poles would fit in. We hoisted the 2 diagonal poles and marked the angle and position where the coach bolt should go in order to attach the two poles together.

Back on the ground, I then used a hand borer to bore the holes through the logs.

We then hoisted the diagonal poles together and Eddie positioned the coach bolt inside the posts. 

Following the same procedure for the other diagonals was impossible, and we came across various problems such as the coach bolt being too short because we had to go further down the pole in order not to meet the other coach bolt. We did mange to get 4 poles up and into position with the holes for the coach bolts in place. On the actual day of install we will need double the number of people (6 in total) to enable us to safely get the poles in place, bolted together and attach the box to the poles. Lets not forget that we also need to get the solar panel connected to the box and the speaker, and then to decide upon the suitable volume for the audio!

Any volunteers greatly appreciated! Please contact me (email address below) if you are up for a challenge!

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