Sunday, 8 May 2016

Ideas for Kielder Project exhibition in the XL Gallery

The artists who are participating in the Kielder project have been given the opportunity to hold an exhibition in the XL Gallery at Newcastle University next week. The exhibition in the XL Gallery should relate to the work that is going to be located at Kielder, but it does not need to be a version of the work that will be displayed in Kielder.

Pipi and I want to use the exhibition to present a work that exists separately from TRIGGER, our audio installation that will be sited at Kielder this Summer. We are producing TRIGGER especially for the site, and do not think it would be appropriate to locate it in the gallery. 

The structure in which the audio will be played from is going to be patterned using fluorescent paint and hi-vis tape. We thought that the exhibition in the XL Gallery could be used to test out patterns with the paint and tape.

We created a number of designs, and rather than choosing one of them, we incorporated the different aspects we liked from each design to form a final design. 

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