Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Drone Ensemble at Bamburgh House

Last night the Drone ensemble performed as part of an exhibition at Bamburgh House. This was our second performance, and we enjoyed sharing a range of different instruments with the audience.

Each Drone ensemble performance is unique. For Bamburgh House we performed a more minimal 'score', producing quieter, less chaotic sounds than our performance in the Ex Libris Gallery last month.

We responded to the context of Bamburgh House, deciding to base the majority of the instruments on the floor and therefore to perform in the main, sat on the floor. This felt right given the low ceilings. 

Mat Fleming showed a range of projections alongside our performance, and the gentle hum of his 'old school' projector provided a constant drone.

We were delighted that the audience were keen to engage with the instruments, both before and after we played, and are excited about the possibility of doing workshops with groups of people wanting to make their own.

Our next performance is in the Ex Libris Gallery on 15th April. We hope to see you there!

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