Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Circus Introducing... Sarah Grundy

The next of the Circus Between Worlds Newcastle artists to be featured here is Sarah Grundy. Sarah is an interdisciplinary artist who works in sound, performance, theatre, and music. The majority of her work looks to worldmaking – creating an idealised alternative for living in or dealing with society.

She is also part of ‘The Anima Collective’ who explore the potential of the voice through singing.

For Circus Between Worlds Sarah will create a costumed vocal performance exploring aspects of political theory. Her work focuses on the manner in which capitalism's success is born out of its seductive qualities and demonstrates how the circus successfully appropriates capitalist visuals to promote a different political stance.

At the our last rehearsal Sarah performed a version of her performance as a work in progress. She used a loop pedal to create layers of her own voice over one another, and the rhythmn of the drum hrough singing.

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