Sunday, 21 September 2014

The Jealous Curator and Jennifer Sanchez

The Jealous Curator is "a curator who is inspired {and just a tad jealous} of amazing contemporary art, every day.

She has a BFA in Visual Arts {painting, printmaking, and art history}, and a post-grad in Design. She has worked as a designer and Creative Director for 14 years, but never stopped loving and creating art. 

She writes, "After decades of looking at beautiful contemporary art and thinking “Damn, I wish I thought of that”, I decided to say it out loud, and The Jealous Curator was born." 

The Jealous Curator writes daily posts showcasing artwork from around the world, and it was in one of these posts that I saw the work of Jennifer Sanchez.

I enjoy the layers, colours, pattern and composition within the work. I note how Sanchez has applied her work to different surfaces including fabrics and wallpaper, and it has made me think about how I could transfer my work to other surfaces and extend its reach.

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