Saturday, 6 September 2014

Helen's Artwork Sale (in aid of MFA tuition fees!)

It may not look like it, but recently I have been having a sort-out in my studio. As I prepare to move to Newcastle to embark on a Master of Fine Art postgraduate degree at Newcastle University, I am packing up the contents of my studio and trying to earn a few pennies to add to the tuition fee fund!I have been debating what to throw out, what to sell, what to keep, what to put in storage, what to take to Newcastle etc. As I am not a good decision-maker, and a bit of a hoarder, this task has been very difficult!

TODAY I will be selling my artwork at a discounted rate, and there will be a variety of art materials that are up for grabs (any donations welcomed!)

Sunday 7th September

Studio 312,

3rd Floor,

Wasps Artists Studios,

South Block,

64 Osborne Street,

Glasgow, G1 5QH

When you are at the outside door, either phone me or buzz the buzzer and I will let you in. Then take the lift or stairs to the 3rd floor, where I will meet you.

I hope that you are able to come along, pick up some art to add to your collection, and say goodbye to me!

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