Thursday, 5 September 2013

Install at Motherwell Theatre and Concert Hall

With the work safely packed in the back of the van, Anne-Louise and I made our way to Motherwell Concert Hall and Theatre to install my exhibition, Grooving.

On arrival, we met Isabel who assisted in the hanging of the exhibition.

Once the works were unwrapped, we tested how they would attach to the rods that are the hanging device at the venue. As usual, there were a couple of technical issues, but we found solutions (lets just say that cardboard came in useful...again!)

 Working out the arrangement of the pieces

The arrangement of the works was determined, in part, to the nature of the hanging system and how many rods the gallery has. Although I had made 15 works, only 14 could be exhibited, and so the work that was proving to be most difficult to attach to the rods was left out.

Anne-Louise and Isabel helping with install

I am pleased with how the work looks in the context, and hope to find another venue to exhibit the series.

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