Monday, 21 January 2013

Update from the Senior Management Team at Creative Scotland

The following statement was issued today from the Senior Management of Creative Scotland:

This statement provides a short update on progress since the Board statement of 7 December. That statement put forward a series of commitments to change, commitments that are now being taken forward by the management and staff of Creative Scotland. 

Throughout January and February, the Senior Management Team and staff are working to define the specific actions that will be taken over the coming months, particularly:
  • Reviewing the culture, values and operations of the organisation.
  • Re-structuring the organisation to ensure access to specialist knowledge and expertise.
  • Defining long term funding models for artists, creative practitioners and organisations.
We want to involve the arts and culture sector in this process of change and have included feedback and comments from last year in our thinking.

Looking forward, we will also be scheduling a series of open sessions across Scotland that anyone working in the arts or creative industries can attend and tell us their thoughts and ideas. These sessions are likely to take place in March/April, with specific dates and locations to be announced shortly.

In parallel to this work, we are also re-writing our funding guidance, applications and other written communications, aiming for simplicity and clarity.

All of this will influence our Corporate Plan that we intend to update to reflect revised ways of working. We hope to publish this in May.

There is a lot to do, but be assured that we are committed to re-building trust between Creative Scotland and all the sectors that we are here to support, while maintaining continuity of service through this period of change.

Further updates will be provided following the next Board meeting which will take place on 7 February

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