Thursday, 3 May 2012

Hanne Darboven: Op 17A

Hanne Darboven: Op 17A
Recital Room, City Halls

Thursday 3rd May

Tonight I was lucky enough to be working for the Scottish premiere of Op.17a by the visual artist and composer Hanne Darboven in the Recital Room at City Halls.

The double bass was positioned in the centre of the room with seats in a square around the performer. There were a few groups of candles on mirrored tiles on the floor. Robert Black introduced the piece, acknowledging that the performance was programmed for the recital room because the outside light levels can be witnessed. He noted that over the duration of the piece the light will dim as dusk draws in.

I cannot describe how wonderful the performance was, but here are some words that fill my mind when thinking about what I just witnessed.

repetitive - physical - rhymic - mesmorising - breathtaking - painful - pleasurable - endurance - duration - order - chaos - pattern - climax - powerful - beat - pulse - variation - progressive - time - concentration - stamina -

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