Friday, 10 May 2019

Talk Over Print

I was delighted to be asked to contribute to TALK OVER PRINT, a recent publication produced by Foundation Press.

TALK OVER PRINT was a collaborative publication made for/during BALTIC Self Publishers Market, April 27 2019. 

TALK OVER PRINT is a collection of thoughts, both from those sharing books at the market and from self-publishers invited from outside of the northeast. 

Contributions by: Holly Argent (Women Artists of the North East Library), Steven Appleton, Giles Bailey, Elsa Bajracharya, Paul Becker, Holly Birtles, Jessie Churchill, Craig Pound (Dizzy Ink), Freya Dooley, Theresa Easton, Peter Falkous, Marc Fischer & Brett Bloom (Temporary Services), Barry Fox, Annalisa Furnari, Cath Garvey, John Harrison, Samuel Hasler, Ann Jarmolowicz, Pete Kennedy, Robin Kirkham (An Endless Supply), Annette Knol, Leeds United, Leonard McDermid, London Centre for Book Arts, Olisa. L.Osanakpo, Paper Jam Comics Collective, RISOGRAD, Riso Soup, Sabrina Schmid, Rosalie Schweiker, Helen Shaddock, Cherry Styles, Richard Swan, Julia Vogl, Matthew Walkerdine, Fritz Welch, Thomas Whittle, Andrew Wilson, Megan Winstone.

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