Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Carol Rhodes; a dear friend and an inspiration in many ways

I am saddened to read of the news that my dear friend Carol Rhodes has died. Words cannot adequately describe how I am feeling right now, but thankfully Moira Jeffrey wrote a beautiful Obituary published in The Herald, that gives an indication of Carol's significance, both as a painter and as an exceptional individual.

I had the pleasure of working with Carol over a 5 year period at The Glasgow School of Art. She was a gentle character, who spoke softly, but with exceptional intelligence and insight. I admired Carol's ability to remain calm and composed in the toughest of situations (and there were plenty of challenging instances that we encountered!) Even when challenged by illness, Carol remained determined, dedicated and focussed on her artwork. 

Carol Rhodes Carpark, Canal 1994 © Estate of the Artist

Her stunning paintings are influenced by her experience of living in India before moving to the United Kingdom in her childhood. The aerial gaze over the landscapes she imagines reminds me of her reflective nature and the loose painting style with subtle colours gives a sense of her character, serene, elegant and in tune with her body and surroundings.

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