Sunday, 3 September 2017

Latest paper by Hearing the Voice - how voice-hearers can detect speech in unusual sounds

Hearing the Voice collaborated with Sophie Scott’s Speech Communication lab at UCL on a study investigating distinct processing of ambiguous speech in people with non-clinical auditory verbal hallucinations.

The study involved a group of people who regularly hear voices but do not find them distressing. The results showed that voice-hearers were quicker than control participants (with no experience of voice-hearing) at detecting hidden sentences in some ambiguous sounds known as sine-wave speech. Usually sine-wave speech requires training to be understood, but the study demonstrated that 75% of the voice-hearers could detect the hidden speech, even before being told to listen out for it. Voice hearers also appeared to recruit different brain areas, specifically when they listened to the sounds containing hidden speech.

To read the full paper please visit the link below

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