Monday, 28 March 2016

Rehearsing for Circus Between Worlds

We had a really productive rehearsal last night. It was the first time that Charlie and I had rehearsed wearing our outfits, and I am pleased with how well they fit us and what we look like in them.

We tried out some alternative performance routines, and I introduced the presence of a 'safety zone'. This is basically a length of rope positioned on the floor in the shape of a large circle on the floorThe safety zone functions in the following way: the characters are trying to keep their own balls in their buckets, and when they are in the 'safe zone', they can still pick them up off the floor and put back in their buckets. However, when the balls are outside of the 'safe zone', the characters cannot pick them up. Therefore, both characters are trying to get as many of the other characters balls outside the 'safe zone'.

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