Friday, 27 July 2012

Installing work for Open Studios

I have been asked by WASPs to create an installation in one of the communal spaces on the 2nd floor of the South Block. Artist and garden designer, Sue MacKechnie has been commissioned to create a planting scheme, and I want my work to relate to what she is installing.

Having explored the possible options of where to locate my sculptures, I decided on a corner space opposite a planting area created by Sue. There is an area among the plants that encourages people to sit facing what will be my installation. I feel as though the sculptures will have enough space, and will be well lit due to the large windows opposite where my work will be installed.

Although there is a seated area, the space is predominantly a corridor space leading to more studios. I spent some time watching how people move through the space, and used this to direct the layout of my sculptures.

I am delighted that Sue has allowed me to use a few of her cacti in my installation. Their sculptural presence fits well with the plaster cast towers.

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