Saturday, 24 August 2019

All boxed up and ready to go to Cheeseburn

For the next couple of weekends Sustainable Ceramics will be displaying and selling a range of unique handmade bird boxes in the Design Arch at Cheeseburn.

Over the past few weeks David has been thinking about ways to improve the production process and make it more consistent. He has purchased a number of larger containers that will allow him to process larger batches of clay, and has prepared a large plaster slab on which he will leave the clay to dry. The plaster will absorb the water and speed up the drying process.

As the weekend approached we have been particularly busy. I've been creating new product information sheets, giving information about Sustainable Ceramics, and about the production process. David has been sketching some new designs and working on a new batch of boxes to be fired this week in time for next weekend.

We have boxed up all the bird boxes ready to be transported and displayed at Cheeseburn. We hope that visitors appreciate what they see, and find the story behind Sustainable Ceramics an interesting one.

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