Monday, 3 March 2014

Looking forward to the next exhibition at 1 Royal Terrace - Rachel Levine - Here, Create Distance, Tension It... Feel It Flex

This Sunday is the preview of the third exhibition at 1 Royal Terrace; Rachel Levine - Here, Create Distance, Tension It... Feel It Flex

"In her practice Levine is interested in exploring how power structures and ‘empirical’ versions of history affect our readings of objects, artifacts, architecture and the built environment. Working predominantly in sculptural assemblage and installations, Levine uses objects and materials as signifiers to create narrative environments.

For her show at 1 Royal Terrace Levine draws on her experience of a recent residency in Beirut, Lebanon, to create an immersive installation dealing with the difficulty of physical movement within the city. Utilising new casts, text works and an architectural alteration of the very exhibition space the work will explore the conflicting tensions and energies experienced in Beirut, while also ruminating on the universal problem of connection to place."

I am curious about how Levine will alter the architecture of the exhibition space, and am interested in how she will translate her experience of her residency in Beirut to this domestic environment in Glasgow.

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