Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Playing with Paint at Turner Contemporary

Late Night Live: Paint and Play

Jeremy Bailey (Toronto) will present his newly commissioned interactive performance which takes playful inspiration from JMW Turner’s interest in the power of landscape and the physicality of Helen Frankenthaler’s approach to painting. Amidst a record year of floods in the UK, Famous New Media Artist Jeremy Bailey imagines a new league of heroes, working day and night to re-imagine land where the sea has swallowed it. He has developed The Future of the United Kingdom, a revolutionary new software that enables artists and the public to be these heroes, using their bodies to create fantastic landscapes in a post-apocalyptic flood zone. The software will augment the user's body by virtually wrapping them in a Japanese videogame-style Gundam suit, complete with terraforming plasma cannon and cloud painting missile brushes. Like the paintings of Turner and Frankenthaler the results will be revolutionary. 

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