Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Creative Lab and Centre for Modern Thought Public Seminar: Creative Work

My role of Project Researcher for the Higher Education Academy funded project, Anatomy of Employability, at Glasgow School of Art has resulted in me meeting lots of very interesting people. Today was no exception. I met with Jen Clarke who is working with the Scottish Government to investigate the nature of creativity within education. She would like to refer to the research that I have been carrying out, and so we met to discuss the findings.

Jen is involved in a workshop to be held at the CCA on Saturday 13th July 2013 from 1pm-4pm.

As part of Echo Chamber's Creative Lab Residency, this workshop will explore philosophical and critical questions around “creative work”.

Engaging with cultural policy and research, we will examine how creative work is variously understood by artists, academics, and government, opening out to a conversation with the workshop participants. What is at stake when creative work is approached in terms of either innovation or improvisation? What is the difference between work and labour? Is collaboration necessarily creative? Working away from economic frameworks for art and research, we move towards “creative work” understood in terms of our relations with others.

The event brings together policy makers from the Scottish Government, artists, researchers and the public to confront questions at stake in the cultural and public sector amidst the noise of artists experimenting in the Creative Lab with visiting guest Alana Jelinek.
This event is a collaboration between CCA Creative Lab Residency and Centre for Modern Thought, Aberdeen.

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