Friday, 10 May 2013

1913: Rite of Spring - The Underground Car Park

Over the past few days an underground car park in the centre of Glasgow has been transformed into an expansive exhibition venue. Curator Sukaina Kubba has done a remarkable job organising a series of exhibitions and events, of which the Underground carpark is one. What was a cold, empty, dark and dirty space became a lively, bustling hive of activity with creative individuals installing artwork and preparing performances.

Tonight's opening at the Underground carpark was the first in the series that presents contemporary and critical approaches to Stravinsky's Rite of Spring which caused uproar in 1913 due to the outrageous costumes and unusual choreography.

I feel honored to be part of the exhibition, along with a number of other Glasgow School of Art graduates. I enjoyed the install process; finding spaces where my relatively small sculptures could respond to the quirky industrial setting and form relationships with other artworks presented in the space.

I will share photos in another blog post, so keep your eyes peeled!

The highlight of my evening has to be witnessing a drummed interpretation of the Rite of Spring, which was performed by John Nicol and friends. It was a breathtaking experience that really moved me. I was captivated by the six drummers, each of whom fed off one another and worked together to create a physical musical experience that reminded me slightly of the drumming work by Steve Reich that I was lucky enough to see live a couple of months ago.

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