Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Lineage at Edinburgh Printmakers

Prints by Michael Craig-Martin, Ian Davenport and Julian Opie
at Edinburgh Printmakers

All three artists push the boundaries of printmaking in the work in this exhibition.

Michael Craig-Martin's line drawings aim to be objective and without a style, but this actually results in the drawings having a specific aesthetic and style in their own right.

Julian Opie has produced a "set of Lenticular landscapes, where six Japanese views are represented in three dimensions using a technology in which a lenticular lens is used to produce images which offer an illusion of depth." Personally I found the works a little gimicky.

Ian Davenport's colourful 'Etched Puddle' prints are beautiful and are a great example of how a familiar printmaking technique (in this case etching) can be manipulated to produce unexpected results.

Similarly, in the Ovals series, Davenport has manage to create splashes and drips of ink in what is normally a highly controlled process. The thick layers of ink are visible giving a 3-dimensional element to the normally flat surface of screenprints.

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