Tuesday, 31 August 2010

A stroke of luck

Today I visited my old flat to ask the new tenants a question / favour (long story not worth detailing). I had intended for it to be a brief visit, but I got talking to the lovely new occupants and we shared landlord stories. As they were showing me around the 'renovated' flat, I saw something familiar on the floor of my old bedroom. Immediately I recognised the large sheet of cartridge paper as belonging to the portfolio of artwork I created on my foundation course and sent to GSA with my application for the Environmental Art Degree.

Dave had found the collection of sheets under a cupboard (I really thought I have looked everywhere and taken everything from that room when moving), and along with his other flatmates, had sorted through them picking out some pieces to keep and put up in the flat. The other sheets had been folded and were waiting outside in a pile of rubbish to be collected by the bin men tomorrow.

I quickly rescued the other sheets, and was amazed at my luck of being in the right place at the right time.

Dave told me of how he and his flatmates had enjoyed going through all my work and selecting pieces for their flat. I feel delighted that I just so happened to be there when the work was still outside rather than in the landfill.

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