Friday, 22 January 2010

'Collect' - looks like an interesting exhibition

'Paper Cut Leaf' by Andy Singleton


An exhibition of paper work from artists around the UK at Westgate Studios' Project Space

Louise Atkinson
Julie Caves
Katherine Johnson
Stacey Allen
Steffan Jones- Hughes
Simon Lewandowski
Victoria Lucas
Andy Singleton

27th January (opening 5-9pm) - 10th Feburary

Why do we feel the need to archive, to save, to cut out, and to keep? What drives us to accumulate, record and assemble? Collect is an exhibition that features the loved object created using paper based materials. The artists selected are all concerned with the passionate interest we have for personal possessions, and the objects of the everyday.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for blogging about this. it promises to be a good show.